Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Gala's Circuit Diagram

This is Gala's circuit diagram. Between redesigning her electrical system and studying sphereical trigonometry so I can use my new sextant I'm becoming a regular math and science wiz. These are not parts of my brain I use well or often so it's challenging. I hear women think smart men are sexy. How can this be true? I get more looks flexing my muscles than my brain. Thoughts?
I had big fun chatting via IM with Damasta lasta nighta. Ella fue sorprendida un blanquito como yo peuden hablar como la raza. Whateva. I'm a freakin' genius! :-) She gotta white girl accent, yo. I can't believe how few people she knows in Tejas who can speak the non-gringo lingo. What's up with that crap? Peace out Super Dawgs and Pussy Cats..


AndyT13 said...

I'm flattered (I think) but I can't help but find that comment hysterical. This is mainly becuase both post explain quite clearly and breifly what those items are and what they mean, along with links to more detail. I guess I need to put less effort into convincing the world I'm a genius LOL.

Robin said...

Hands down, smart guys are sexy... no, make that Sexy with a capital "S."

Bilingual smart guys should be registered as deadly weapons.

ZooooM said...

Smart is definitely sexy. Problem (for me) is, when I find someone incredibly smart and sexy - I can't really tell them. I know me and I'll sound like an absolute twat. So I sit back and admire silently. Being shot down by someone who's just hot is one thing. But being shot down by someone who is super smart is soooo much more painful.

T - Another Geek Girl said...

Smart is sexy, but funny is important too. Can't stand one without the other.