Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Half Naked Thursday In New York

What does this photograph say to you? Make up a story, sing me a song, write me a poem, you can't go wrong. Is it funny, disturbing, sexy, cool, or something else?


SignGurl said...

It says you are a biker or a pirate. Either way, yummy in my book.

Shauna said...

It makes me think you're a bounty hunter or something. :)

Those are some serious shitkickers you're about to put on and that knife? Well that's some scary looking knife.

DaMasta said...

Jack the Knife.

Hmm... strong AND dangerous..

I second the "yummy"!

Happy hnt, sexy!

Robin said...

Andy, I'm all for you getting naked, so please don't take this the wrong way... because you asked...

But the first thought that came to my mind is this:

"That knife is WAY to close to his nekkid jewels."

Like the boots though!

It's hot, and dangerous. Good pic. HHNT.

lecram sinun said...

Funny and disturbing all at the same time. Cheers and Happy HNT!

Sunny Delight said...

first i have to say, mmm you have very tasty looking feet :)

Practicing a new circus act, the lady-target is blindfolded, quivering in fear..wondering has he practiced enough? Or is my new boob job gonna deflate? Thunk! POP! Ooops, good thing those balloons were in the way.
Happy HNT!

btw--mine are real :)

Unknown said...

It says "Don't Hurt the Boots" Guys with good shoes are so rare. Kick ass knife though. Happy HNT!

lime said...

oh hon, that's not a shoehorn! and if you need to cut your toenails i have some nice safe clippers. hehehe

such nice legs and the hands too. i have a thing for hands. very nice

happy HNT!

Bougie Black Boy said...

I think AndyT is about to cut his toenails or perhaps the callouses with that dagger.

S said...

You are getting ready for a night out with the boys? :P

Leesa said...

I like it :) Love those boots! HHNT :)

bubbles said...

manly was the first word that came to mind. ANd I am sticking with that.....HHNT!

Darkneuro said...

Digging those boots. And you have intriguing toes. And nibbly ankles. Nice hands too.

linoleum under
your feet
do you show
your knife to all
the girls
you meet?


Lee Ann said...

You've got an edge there! Happy HNT!

Just Me said...

Sexy and chilling at the same time. Guess that makes me a tad kinky?

Happy HNT!

Izzy said...

humm that sort of brings to mind Parker talking about knife play during sex on the last show ....... *shivers*

HHNT Hun xxx

Stephanie said...

it makes me think of revenge. like you've been planning some payback and are getting ready to carry it out

Christa said...

Hmmm...makes me wonder if you're about to cut a few toes to get into those boots....hehehe

Happy HNT!!

Anonymous said...

Ohh makes me think SERIAL KILLER. But serial killer with nice legs! Happy HNT!

Anonymous said...

that's a big knife!!

:) HHNT...

Theresa said...

Andy! Put that thing away before somebody gets an eye out ... or worse! ... YES, I said OR WORSE!

Lil Bit said...

*pulls up on Harley*
Arrrrrrrrr, matey!
A biker pirate! YESsssss! LOL

Cute tootsies!

I'm not playing HNT this week, but you visited me 2 wks ago for <3 HNT, and I'm just NOW repaying the visit. Sheesh! ... sorry for the delay. lol
HHNT! =)

MG said...

I"m intrigued at the thought of making up something to go with this, but I'd have to come back to it...

Trust me though, I'm not sure you want to know where my mind went.

Happy HNT

(btw, the slight of your finger touching the edge of the knife is so hot...)

b o o said...

knife in my right hand
left hand caressing the blade
looking down on my boots
i need to shave my legs

hey its rhymes ok? HHNT :p do i win the prize?

Mara said...

::grin:: looks like Crocodile Dundee meets Harley Davidson!

::big hugs sweetie::


Madame X said...

It says, I couldn't find the toenail clipper so I dedided to use this here Ginshu Knife to trim them up!

Linda said...

Whoa baby look at that knife!
Luv the boots.
This photo tells me you are a bad ass! :)
Gotta luv them bad boys! HHNT!

Anonymous said...

remind me to never wander the streets of New York while you are there... :) now put that thing away before you hurt somebody. HHNT

Sonya said...

Do you live on the rough streets of NY? LOL!

Jillian said...

I think its sexy!!

Maybe I'm disturbed...

Happy HNT!

Grandma Lola said...

dangerous with great taste in boots comes to mind. Happy HNT!

Suze said...

How long did it take you to track down those boots?

Happy HNT Andy. ;)

David said...

Billy Jack is coming to get me!

Jody said...

fuck with my boots you die

Shroomy said...

"I'm really looking forward to playing Crocodile Dundee this afternoon ..."

HHNT! ;-)

bri said...

mmm knives. actually this pic makes me think of crocodile dundee... :) dunno why.

Nature Girl said...

Happy HNT! Crocodile Dundee Does NY! That's not a knife, THAT'S a Knife! thanks for visiting my HNT. Stacie

Melissa said...

Yeah, I must concur with the whole Croc Dundee theme going on. LOL
actually b4 I read the other comments I said outloud "Thats not a knife.. now this is a knife!"

Great pic!!

Amy said...

Ahhh... "The Latest In Stalker Chic"
Happy HNT!!

Anonymous said...

They've said all that needs to be said... 'cept for big feet, big boots, big knife... big... y'know ;)


Charisse said...

Biker dude? *drool* ;)

I agree with lil deb ;)


Anonymous said...

Preparing to commit a homicide?? lol


madgirl said...

im kinda imaginin some covert operations mission involvin a need for super quiet footsteps ;-)

happy HNT.

Snow White said...

I think maybe you're going to use the knife to kidnap me, and you have the boots 'cause you're taking me to your cabin in the woods. Of course, once you get me isolated, you'll put the knife away and seduce me... of course maybe not right at first. They'll be some screaming and yelling, maybe a fit thrown, you'll get all bossy like... he-manish and dominant, heck, you might even have to punish me to calm me down, but eventually you'll put the knife away and have your way with me... and I'll be willing!

Moosekahl said...

Oh much to say about that, not sure I should say anything at all. Happy HNT!

Anonymous said...

I was looking to my boots
To take me somewhere else
But then something cut me there
And left me feeling bare!


oh, BTW, I stand corrected, some schooled musicians frown upon the "thumb over" technique! Cheers!

Mark Leslie said...

Sung to the tune of "Teddy Bear Picnic":

If you go into New York today
You just won't believe your eyes
If you go into New York today
You're in for a big suprise

He's bared his legs,
Took off his boots
He's naked now
And hanging loose

Today's the day that Andy T's got his knife out . . .

(you did say it was okay to sing you a song)

Happy HNT!

Marie said...

To me it's like you just cleaned up after doing something act of revenge or the like. ;) happy hnt!

Lori said...

I find knives very scary
Nice legs though.
and awsome hands...............
H Hnt

blair said...

It hung low,
Almost to his toe.
Sharp and jagged,
He brushed his fingertips against the blade,
contemplating the mistake he never made.
For he was not the killing kind,
No boots,
No knife,
No naked soul,
Could make me think otherwise.

btw, I have those boots in brown :)
Happy HNT Andy!

Love you baby!

babyG said...

But wait their's more, Fantastic! Incredible! Holy hell fire shit! Tell us about it Mother Fucker!

So there I was returning through a small seaside village on the Island of Naxos, from a four-hour hike to an overlook with an amazing view of the Aegean Sea, when I came to this meadow that ran down to the beach. It was late and the beach was emty, so I thought why not go for a swim. Since I didn't have my swim suit with me I just went in the nude. The water on my nakid body felt so arousing that I lost my self in the delight and satisfaction of it. I didn't notice when my feet became tangled in some fishing line. Just then this man emerged from the water next to me with this sizable and grand knife and freed from the line. Our bodies touched as he freed me, he was naked as well. The response my body had to this man was surprising and pleasing. We had some fun in the water and them reluctanly had to return to the hotel. He had come down to the beach for a swim in just his boots. I asked him what made him bring the knife and he said that he just felf he might need it.