Tuesday, October 04, 2005

New stuff

Well, sailing and racing season is coming to and end (Wahhhhh!) so it's time to return to some less outdoorsy pursuits, to wit: http://www.andyt13.com my painting and songwriting stuff.
Then there's http://www.bonomania.net my U2 tribute act. Good fun.
Also I need to finish the movie I wrote and shot this year. Still have a few scenes to shoot and a pant load of post production work to do before it's ready for the film festival circuit next year.
In short I have lots to do before the boat season starts up again, including numerous boat renovations. All this of course take a back seat to my sweet beloved Brenda, pictured here:

Yes, she's all that. I'm a lucky man.
She didn't believe that all my new bloggy friends said that she was HAWT! So I had to send her the link to prove it. She got all flustered
(GOD. SO CUTE!) but she said thanks to all you nice folks who agreed that yes, she's babe-a-licious and that I'd be a total nugget head to let her get away. *Sigh* Tra-la-la-la-la. Ain't love grand? *Uh-hunh! Uh-hunh! Whoop! Whoop! OK I'll shut up now. Whoop!
Andy, Brenda & Gala - Out.


Susan said...

My Andy, your a man of many talents. Yes, I actually clicked onto the links you provided. Tell me, you a lefty? You know, left handed. Don't ask why I asked that. It's a servey I take.

AndyT13 said...

I fancy myself ambidextrous but really I'm a righty. I can write legibly and comfortably with my left hand, but I prefer the right.
This is weird, but I can also write 'backwards' (like in a mirror) with my left hand quite easily. I should mention that my penmanship is absolutely atrocious no matter which hand I write with.
I can play drums and guitar either way but again I prefer righty.

I presume you're a lefty? Most people who ask are. BTW, some of the most talented people I know are naturally lefty.

AndyT13 said...

Yeah I'm a local New Yorker. I guess you went to www.bonomania.net

You should also check out www.andyt13.com for my other non-U2 musical pursuits. If you send me an email I can put you on the list if you want to come check us out when we're playing next.