Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Another Brenda Pic

I just had to post this picture of Brenda because I love her SO MUCH.
The next 4 weeks are going to SUCK with out her. 10 days in the Dominican Republic, back for one day, then 4 days in Cooperstown NY for work, back for one day then another 4 days in Albany. WAHHHH! WAHHH!! WAHHH!!! *sniff* At least after that we go to Key West for 3 days for a wedding! Not ours though. Damn!
Now the bad news; she wants me to quit drinking. I knew that was going to come up. Not that I'm a nasty drunk or anything, She's just worried that I'll get liver cancer and die. I explained to her that everyone dies of something but she wasn't convinced. Therefore no more 12 packs of bud to wash down those Marlboro reds. Fuck it. She's worth it and a half. Wish me luck fellow bloggers. I fear I'ma need it, yo.


DaMasta said...

Good luck with that. I'd fear giving up cigs. Those'll kill ya faster than the sauce. Cya!

ell said...

come on andy, you can do it!

AndyT13 said...

Rock and Roll. Thanks fer the support.

AndyT13 said...

Well, we compromised. I said we should be able to have the odd glass of wine together and not make a big deal of it, but that I wouold abstain from getting regularly pickled. So far that strategy is working OK. I even lost a few pounds. And yes, I'm in deep. Like 7"