Saturday, October 01, 2005


I wanna tell you all that we came, we saw, and we KICKED THEIR ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! However that ain't how it went. Up at 6AM motored to Nyack between 8:30 and 10AM. Postponed until noon. First race: They did a different starting sequence than I'm used to. I got it wrong. Over the line 1 minute early. FUCKED the guy who was following me. :) Got buried. On the first leg Charlie (from the wednesday night crew) having admonished me to take the life lines off so the jib would set better promptly fell in the water. By God's grace I grabbed his ankle. I almost dropped him. I was laughing so hard at holding him by the ankle towing him whith his head underwater. To my complete amazement HE SAT UP and grabbed my hand. At the same moment we said "DON'T. LET. GO."Next he says "Take off my shoes!" I almost dropped him again laughing. I did as he bid and he caught the side of the boat WITH HIS TOES and I muscled him back on the boat. We finished the race. D.F.L. OK! Next race I was RIGHT ON IT. Went over the line at the gun and they called me "Over Early". FUCK!!!!!!!!!!! Got buried. Downwind sucked especially hard. The kevlar sail I borrowed didn't fit so we were stuck with my dinky #3 sail. Bad. Worse: after all was said and done I sailed home with my balloon jib and went faster than my motor can go. Should have done the sail change. Oh well. Now I'm too fuckin' sun burnt to race tomorrow, but just as well. Forcast for tomorrow: 2 MPH. I love sailboat racing. Andy & Gala; Out.


DaMasta said...

ha ha funny. i would of been laughing at the part where his head was underwater, too. that's classic.


AndyT13 said...

Whassup La Chica!
Thanks for the comment. It WAS funny dragging Charlie underwater.
"Nobody wants a Charlie-in-the-box." Nice list. Ciao Bella.

Theresa said...

I Love how much fun you had while you were getting your ass kicked! That's the sign of a man who knows how to live life well.

AndyT13 said...

Hee-hee! Indeed! Anyway, a crappy day racing my sailboat is better than the best day on land, excepting being with my honey!

WV: wfdnc=what freakin' DNC?