Monday, October 24, 2005

My Favorite Mistake

I've been smoking Marlboro reds since I was 14 years old; approximately 23 years. I went without them a few years here and there. Inevitably I would start sleeping with a woman who smoked and I'd start back in on the reds. Then she'd be gone and the reds stayed.

So, once again I am trying to give up my favorite mistake. I often say that I have few regrets in life, but that becoming addicted to nicotine is one. If I had one do-over in life that would be high on the list of candidates. The untold thousands of dollars toward compromising my health for no other reason than addiction...UGH!!!!l!

I started at the bus stop in December 1982 waiting (with wet/freezing long hair) when fellow idiot Ed Gaffee (a neighbor) proferred me a Marlboro light saying it would "help keep me warm". Indeed that little flame and the hot smoke in my lungs DID seem to alleviate the cold somewhat. Soon I was a full fledged smoker. Packs of cigarettes were (ready?) 50 cents. Now they are routinely $5-$7 in New York. Yikes! Anyway, Nicoderm CQ patches are helping ease the craving. I haven't had so much as a drag since before my last entry here. I've eased off the beer intake pretty dramatically and have been working out quite a bit. I'm very pleased with my body's new look and feel. Now if you'll excuse me I have to go kick the cat. "REOWR!" I hate cats.


Theresa said...

Jeez! Are we gonna recognize you after your transformation?

Good luck, Sweetheart! I've been there. Mine were Camels . . . I'd walk a mile, as they say. I had to quit drinking when I quit smoking because just as soon as the ale hit my lips I'd have a powerful craving for a fag. It never failed, even if I didn't have one me, I bum one before the end of the night. Besides, we're all better off without the booze and ciggies.

AndyT13 said...

I reckon you'll recognize me readily enough. I'll be the right bastard, off kicking the cat in the corner. I have the same problem of course: Booze=cigarettes. One niceish thing (even though I hate theintrusiveness of the law) is that you can't smoke in bars and restaurants anymore in NY. Thus a bit easier to quit. Bah.
Anyway, thanks for your support.

Susan said...

Good Luck, then pass the luck to me. I need to stop as well.

Robin said...

Wow...that is GREAT news! I've been considering the patches as well. My goal is to quite by May 3rd of 2006. It's not an arbitrary date, but it is the perfect one for me.

ilaiy said...

I have been trying to quit for 3 years and it just doesnot happen ..


Lori Stewart Weidert said...

I'm motivated to hear you're pleased with your body's new look and feel. Big life changes a year or so ago provided me with too many distractions to pay attention to diet and exercise, in my opinion.

Whoa! That shit catches up with you, eventually; it is TIME to lace up the sneaks and hit the sidewalk, lordy.

I'll keep you in mind: If Andy can do it, I can do it!

Good luck with the continued health changes!

[poor kitty]

moi said...
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