Saturday, March 17, 2007


No time this AM to blog. I makin' pancakes!
Tag brought to you by Dallas Meow:

Three resolutions I’ve made more than once:
Quit drinking, quit smoking, quit getting my heart broken. 2 out of 3 ain't bad.
Three things I wish someone would buy or do for me:
Come back to me, love me, never leave me
Three places I am dying to visit:
Greece, Trinidad/Tobago & N'awlins
Three words I can never spell correctly:
Eye Nevah Miss Spell Wirdz.
Three secrets I have never told anyone:
Well DUH. I have 3 and you can't know.
Three things I would do if I won a big lottery:
Buy big boat. Sail away. Never return.
Three things I’ve lost that I can’t seem to get over:
My heart, my love, my life
Three favorite places to be a tourist:
I'm never a tourist;always a traveller.
Too many to list but Paris, San Sebastien, anywhere Caribbean
Three movies I’ve never seen, that I would like to see:
Can't think of any. If I wanna see 'em I see 'em.
Three things I like to do alone.
Sail, drink and think.


lime said...

i love the T&T made the list :) greece is top of mine too.....sigh...

Dallas Meow said...

thanks for not breakin' my heart sweetie - you take good care of yourself - you're a great guy!
Off to do those three things I like to do alone