Thursday, September 29, 2005

Going Racing!

Well, now that Wednesday night racing season is over and it's getting cold it's time for The Last Chance Regatta in Nyack, NY. So this weekend OCt 1st & 2nd I shall take Gala and Charlie and a new friend Chris out on the water for two races Saturday and 1 on Sunday. Hopefully Gala will like racing. I'm sure she's been raced but never by me. With luck we won't bust anything or hit anyone. I'm pissed I couldn't get a spinnaker and a halyard up in time. Hence I'm stuck in C fleet.
My PHRF (handicap) number came back as 210. That sucks. Higher numbers are better and in San Francisco I'd be 240. Oh well. It'll just be more challenging. Hopefully I learned something this season and I can make a good showing of it. I hope I don't DFL (dead freakin' last).
"And they're off!"


DaMasta said...

Hey andy,
Thanks for stopping by my blog and wishing me well thru Hurricane whatsherface. *kisses* And I'm alright!

Susan said...

Good luck with the race...

AndyT13 said...

Hey Damasta! Glad you survived. Good story to. Old & busted: Hurricanes.
New hotness: Damasta.

Hey blogdreamz. Well, we needed it but didn't get it. Still; a bad day racing sailboats beats a great day at work by a mile. In spite of the problems it was fun and a good memory.