Monday, September 12, 2005

True Love At Last

And here they are; the loves of my life. Brenda the Blonde and Gala the Blue. How I love them both. <3


Susan said...

Boat! *perk* gotta love them. So where do you sail that baby? See your from New Yawk! Your neighbor from CT.

I haven't sailed in a while. Probably because our sailboat is more of a Sunfish (small)and I had enough tipping over and developing many earaches. So, I will stick with a bigger boat such as the Kat.

ZooooM said...

DUDE! She's hot. You can't let her get away. Seriously.

AndyT13 said...

Yes, it is my plan to put a ring on her finger as soon as she'll let me. She's not as impulsive as me but she says she loves me and I certainly love her. That's enough for now.

Sydney said...

Geez, how come I can't ever find a guy with a ring and a boat! I mean, a boat and a ring. Oh hell, you know.

I mean besides the fact that I'd be checking out his oh so barely legal deck crew out of the corner of my eye.

AndyT13 said...

Someday your prince will come Syd.
Hopefully somewhere you want him to. ;-)