Wednesday, April 18, 2007

You Are NOT what you CONSUME!

I was shopping at Amazon and they have a word cloud style thing describing my interests by way of what I've looked at and bought. Larger words mean I have a larger interest. I find this interesting because, although in one way it's accurate in that I AM interested in these things the relative levels of interest are totally skewed. Also, it defines me incredibly narrowly. Here's who they say I am:
Alternative Metal Animation Arena Rock Blues Rock Boating Britain Comedy Contemporary Blues Grunge Guitar Hard Bop Instruction & Study International Metal Modern Blues Modern Postbebop Music Video & Concerts New Wave Punk R&B Rap & Hip-Hop Rock Guitarists Science Fiction & Fantasy Singer-Songwriters Songbooks
I notice they left out languages entirely though I bought several books on learning Chinese and martial art. Perhaps that's considered "international"? These guys need me on their payroll. So? What does yours say?


Anonymous said...
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Biscuit said...

Alright, where do you find this thing? I'm curious now, and it's not showing up on mine. Of course the account is under my husband's name, so I imagine it's going to say lots of things about wood.

Uh...woodWORKING. The other kind of wood interest belonged to my first husband.

Biscuit said...

Okay, I found it:

Alternative Rock
Hand tools (him)
Tools (him)
Engineering (him)
Children's books
Mental Illness (me; if anyone wants some good recommendations for books about Bipolar disorder, I'm your girl)
Menopause (WTF? Liars!)

Anonymous said...

After buying books, you could aswell learn chinese online for free...!