Thursday, November 10, 2005

2500 words!

Well I've now written in brief spurts (mmm brief spurts) for three days in a row and I have a whopping 2500 words. All of 4 freakin pages. That's 5% of the required 50,000 but already 1/3d of the alotted time has passed. I sort of wish I had figured out what the heck this was all about and gotten started on time but that would be so out of character for me it's ridiculous to even think of it, so fuck it. I didn't respond to any of y'all about what it's about because I don't really know yet. I'd give you a breif synopsis but I'm going to wait until I'm stuck or I'm finished before giving it up to the blog-O-sphere. It occurs to me that at this pace 50,000 words will only be 80 pages. That's more of a novella than a novel, don't you think? Most novels I read are at least 300-400 pages. Hmmm. Incidentally, not that I'm looking for sympathy, but I hurt myself working out last week and my right arm has been alternating between screaming agony and total numbness. The Dr. said I strained a muscle that's pinching a nerve and I'll be fine. That may be so but let me tell you it's hard as fuck to type. BTW thanks again all you HNTers for your nice comments. I'd love you all if you'd only stand still. Oh and if I didn't worship the ground my lover walks on. See y'all Mundy, hopefully with at least 10,000 words in the bank.


Dusty said...

The guitar socks combo.... Clashing. :)

"The Flying Speghetti Monster waves his noodly, pirate clad appendage at you all. " Your comment made me laugh so I had to check out your blog.

You do have my sypathy... I never get past 150. I get to a hundred and 150... I push so quickly to the end the whole book has to be scrapped.

Dusty said...

Loved the art. Have you ever had a show.... Okay an art show?

I know what you mean about being self taught. I swear, I buy how to books and READ them, my work turns to mud. When I write and think bullsh*t, bullsh*t, bullsh*t... It goes over like gang busters. When I pour my heart and soul into it. It is found to be trite.

Dusty said...

How do you keep yourself interest in your own work? When I am writing, I read the darn thing so many times, I'm sick of it half way through.

Oh wise one, give me the secrets to fighting the good fight... Or at least finishing ONE book.