Wednesday, November 16, 2005

12,500 words = 25% done or 75% not there

Well, I'm halfway to where I'm supposed to be right now. I guess that's something. I keep settling in to write and then getting distracted by sex. Mind you I'm not complaining, just letting y'all know I'm not slacking for crappy reasons. For all you (3) writers out there reading this and wondering how I do it, I'm cheating. No, just kidding. I guess I just have a fertile imagination.
That is to say I have only a passing relationship with reality so it's easy to come up with bullshit. Besides all musicians carry an actor in mean a minor in acting. Also, I hit on a plot that lends itself well to improvising in my natural voice. What else? I mixed my metaphors in my last post. I meant to say I don't want to give away the milk since I'm hoping to sell the cow. Leave it to me to choose a metaphor for sex when descibing my writing AND then fuck it up.

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ZooooM said...

I'm a metaphortard. Nice pictures. I'd be distracted too. And to throw sex in? I'd never be able to write.