Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Fancy Blogs

OK, so I've gotten hooked on this stupid blogger thing. I've found lots of funny, weird, interesting and also stupid, lame and boring stuff (like this). I spend a lot of time clicking the 'next blog' button. So much so that I've become really annoyed by the people who have to gussy up their blogs with so much crap that the 'next blog' button is obscured or invisible. People! WTF?
OK, make it look good but don't make me click the back button when I decide your blog is boring and useless. Please! OK, rant off. It's Tuesday. Last night D called for the first time in 3 weeks and we had a nice chat. I wish this stuff would stop happening when I'm drunk. Oh wait, I'm always drunk except when I'm working. Um...like now. OK, back to work.

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AndyT13 said...

Mmm. Getting a picture. Someone put some Kahlua in this girl's coffee. Don't be shy.