Thursday, August 18, 2005


OK, so I'm feeling better, excercising, not smoking or drinking so much...just like the Radiohead song! God I hate them. Talk about fucking depressing! The best thing they ever did was appear on South Park. Oh wait, that wasn't really them. OK! So it looks like the sailboat deal is FINALLY going through so I'll have a boat in the water just in time to pull it out but I don't care.
I've been wanting this boat for months and it has a lot of potential AND Bob's going to give me the long shaft 9.9 HP outboard for the same price as the crappy short shaft 6HP that's on there. Yay! I've been thinking about making this blog private. I think I can do that. It's really meant to be a private journal. I really don't care if people who don't know me personally read it, and in fact that's a cool way to meet people (when they write in) but I'm feeling self concious in that I can't write with pure harsh clarity in case somebody I know (and care about) should read and get offended. That's sort of pussy of me I guess. This blog is deadly dull anyway even if you're me. Um, are you? I mean am I? Hmm. Table that for now. Anyway BOAT BOAT BOAT BOAT.
This offsets the fact that I boned my strategy for financial improvement by buying a $1700 Taylor acoustic guitar . Seth would smack me. I can hear him now: "You paid HOW MUCH for and ACOUSTIC??? You're INSANE!" Guilty as charged. It is nice though. OK, that's enough for today. More trail mix, more salad, more excercise; less meat, less beer, less smoking. Onwards.


Dzesika said...

Er ... I swapped my current student-model Yamaha acoustic for a bicycle.

I figured I got a better deal because the guitar fits better in my living room.

AndyT13 said...

Hahahah! Gads. I'm hating paying that bill right now. Bad decisions abound. Good job on getting a guitar though. Want to buy mine?

No_the_game said...

Hey Andy,

Congrad for joining the board. Keep working out. I started work out when I got tired dating bunch of ass like man LOL. What made you to join the gym?